Mobile Setup

Here's how to get myVCUmail powered by Google on your phone.  

Most Android phones have the Google versions of Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Google Hangouts pre-installed. You can download other Google apps like Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc. for free from the Google Play Store.  Using the Google apps is the recommended way to connect to your myVCUmail account. For VCU specific steps, go to Android Configuration

Need more help?  Visit Google's Android Help Center.

Set up your iPhone with Google Sync to access your G Suite mail, contacts and calendars using your iPhone's native applications. Learn more about Google Sync  For VCU specific steps, go to iOS Configuration

Alternately, access Gmail and Google Calendar using the Gmail for iOS and Google Calendar for iOS apps, which combine features from Gmail's mobile browser and iOS. It's available for free from Apple's Apps Store.

For VCU specific steps for the Google Calendar app, go to Google Calendar Configuration

Set up your Windows Mobile phone with Google Sync to access your G Suite mail, contacts and calendars from your phone's native applications.  For VCU specific instructions, click here.

Google Sync uses Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® to synchronize G Suite mail, contacts, and calendars to a Blackberry 10 device.  For VCU specific instructions, click here.

Blackberry devices running an operating system before Blackberry 10 may connect to and from the browser.

G Suite can be accessed from any mobile device browser.  Go to, click on the "Log in to appsforvcu" button and sign in to your G Suite account.